“Perceptions”is a collection of images in 2006. The idea amalgamates visual experiments through various types of spaces, both lacking and containing form and shape. A harmonious union between the abstract and concrete, creating an inevitable emotional experience. As the journey unfolds the spectator is made to re-evaluate the image at every turn as the real object becomes gradually immersed in an unreal transitory world.

The idea is separate the object from the photograph itself and so the fixed moment of conventional photography is unblocked. These photographs seem almost painted and evoke memories of childhood. The image is robbed of tangible time and materialism and we are left free to view them.

I have always been fascinated by the shape of objects and indeed their lack of it.

EachMeditation creates a series of unions established by the act of taking a photograph.

The composition of the photograph becomes the main character of the piece revealing new, transformed colors and shapes as it is photographed.

The click triggers a total loss of the original shape of the object, giving birth to a new concrete idea of its form and truth ,provoking a new emotional response.

An “organic” journey which is limitless new and dynamic in its vision.